Call to Meeting

[Note: this meeting notice may be further edited, up till the time it is emailed about a week before the meeting.]

eNAP meets Monday, August 10 at 8pm CT via Google Meet

Join us for the regular meeting of the eNAP Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians on Monday, August 10, 2020, at 8:00 PM Central Time via Google Meet. Please note the meeting will be recorded.

Based on the recommendation of the Meeting Technologies Special Committee and the motion adopted by the unit to hold the next meeting via Zoom unless a different technology was selected, the board ordered that this meeting of eNAP be held via Google Meet.

Join Google Meet Meeting on a PC:

Please note that if you are using a telephone for audio, please see for how to connect your phone to your video session.

The meeting room will open 30 minutes prior to the meeting. If you are having issues joining the meeting, join the eNAP chatroom here and someone will assist you.

Proposed rules of order are available at

When prompted for a login nickname, all attendees should use their real first and last names with no spaces, but with appropriate capitalization, and are encouraged to add a suffix to indicate their state, province, or country (example: JohnMcAndrews_WA). If you are NOT a current member, please preface your name with the prefix of g_ (example: g_JohnMcAndrews). Officers should also use the appropriate prefixes designated for them.

To convert the 8:00 PM Central Time start time into your local time, see:


The draft agenda and minutes, reports, and educational program are posted as they become available by the respective officer or committee. Please check back if a report is missing, or if it is a prior meeting report. All reports should be available prior to the meeting call to order.


Jan Meyer gave previous notice at the last meeting to change the default meeting location to Zoom.

Educational Program

Rewind: Reconsider, Rescind and Renew -- Paul McClintock, PRP


If you have never attended an eNAP meeting, please plan to arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to the call to ensure you understand how the meeting will be conducted and to converse with other attendees. It is strongly recommended you review our introduction page to familiarize yourself with the eNAP chat room and terminology.

If you are not yet an eNAP member and would like to join, you may complete and submit an application form at Applications by NAP members are approved automatically upon verification of their NAP membership. Application by those who are not NAP members may be approved after they have attended at least one unit meeting.


If you are an eNAP member, or a guest requesting eNAP membership, please verify or request access to our Google Groups page <!forum/enapmembers/categories>. Voting could be held via this section at any time, which is akin to a ballot vote. Should you have difficulty logging in or requesting membership, please contact me. To ensure sufficient time, please do this 2 or more days prior to the meeting if possible.

As always, we welcome you to invite guests to our meeting to observe and/or join our electronic unit. I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming e-meeting, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Richard Halverson, Secretary