Educational Program

eNAP Educational Program for 2020-08-10

Part 1 -- Rewind: Reconsider, Rescind and Renew -- Paul McClintock, PRP

PDF of PPT will be posted after the presentation as an attachment to this page, for 1 week.

Some supplemental articles:

Clinching, Mass Reconsideration, And Superclinching--Can They Really Do That? - by Michael Malamut, PJ Jan 1999

Superclinching? Yes, They Really Can Do That; Sometimes They Have To - by Hugh Cannon, PJ Jan 2000

How to Use Renewal of Motions – by Edie Barrett, NP 3rd Qtr 1994

The Motion “Reconsider” – by Dr. Brahama Dharma, NP 2nd Qtr 1994

Part 2 -- eNAP Special Rule of Order 11(A) says: "A part of each educational program shall be to allow members to ask opinions of other members on parliamentary questions that they have."


Note: Educational programs from previous meetings are archived in the members-only website at:!categories/enapmembers/agendas

The "PDC Revised RP Instructions for CEUs April 2017" from the NAP Documents page says:

Participants will earn one CEU for each hour, calculated on quarterly time intervals. (Example: 1 hour 15-minute lesson will earn 1.25 CEUs). At a minimum, the workshop should last for fifty (50) minutes for a one-hour CEU credit. Participants must be present for the entire session time to receive credit. Instructors who present educational workshops may also claim CEUs.

 Date  hh:mm 
 Session Title  
 1:29  1.50
 Questions and Answers 
 Todd Crowder
 2017-04-10  0:52  1.00  Electronic Meetings and Committee of the Whole 
 David Mezzera
 2017-06-12  1:05  1.00  NAP BoK - Conduct of Meetings
 Paul McClintock

Paul McClintock,
Aug 10, 2020, 7:40 PM