Educational Program

eNAP Educational Program for 2021-02-08

Part 1 -- "Incidental Motions: It is what it is  or  is ... it?The lesson will include a review of the classification of motions, followed by true and false questions. Various scenarios will be presented, and members and guests will identify the motion as an original main motion, or an incidental main motion or simply 'other'." -- Vice-President Azella Collins, PRP

Part 2 -- eNAP Special Rule of Order 11(A) says: "A part of each educational program shall be to allow members to ask opinions of other members on parliamentary questions that they have."

If possible, please submit membership questions ahead of time to [email protected].


Note: Educational programs from previous meetings are archived in the members-only website at:

The "PDC Revised RP Instructions for CEUs April 2017" from the NAP Documents page says:

Participants will earn one CEU for each hour, calculated on quarterly time intervals. (Example: 1 hour 15-minute lesson will earn 1.25 CEUs). At a minimum, the workshop should last for fifty (50) minutes for a one-hour CEU credit. Participants must be present for the entire session time to receive credit. Instructors who present educational workshops may also claim CEUs.

 Date  hh:mm 
 Session Title  
 1:29  1.50
 Questions and Answers 
 Todd Crowder
 2017-04-10  0:52  1.00  Electronic Meetings and Committee of the Whole 
 David Mezzera
 2017-06-12  1:05  1.00  NAP BoK - Conduct of Meetings
 Paul McClintock

Thomas Holmes,
Jan 10, 2021, 9:04 PM