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Order of Business -- MRS SUN for Minutes, Reports, Special committees, Special orders, Unfinished business, New business.
* Reading and Approval of Minutes
* Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees
* Reports of Special Committees
* Special Orders
* Unfinished Business and General Orders
* New Business
Steps in Handling a Motion -- Many Secondary States Debate Vote Results
* Member makes a motion.
* Another member seconds the motion.
* Chair states the question.  
* Members debate the question.
* Chair takes vote.
* Chair announces result of vote.

List the 13 ranking motions in rank order, either highest to lowest, or lowest to highest.
Lowest to highest:
Main motion
Subsidiary motions:  President And Chairmen, Please Learn Parliamentary Law
Privileged motions:  Club Rules Really Allow Freedom
Postpone indefinitely, Amend, Commit/refer, Postpone to a certain time, Limit or extend limits of debate, Previous question, Lay on the table.
Call for orders of the day, Raise a question of privilege, Recess, Adjourn, Fix the time to which to adjourn.

What vote is required for each of the 13 ranking motions: 2/3 = two-thirds vote; M = majority vote; C = chair rules?
Majority vote is required for all ranking motions, except:
Chair rules (initially) for Call for orders of the day, and Raise a question of privilege;
Two-thirds (2/3) vote is needed to supersede members' right to debate:
(a) Limit or extend limits of debate
(b) Previous question (end debate).

Additional mnemonics for:
* The 9 standard articles in bylaws in order.
NO MOME C PA (No mommy, see pa):
Name, Object, Members, Officers, Meetings, Executive Board, Committees, Parliamentary Authority, Amendment of Bylaws
* Motions that bring a question again before the assembly.
Take Rowboat Down River
ake from the table.  Rescind; amend something previously adopted.  Discharge a committee.  Reconsider.
* Classes of motions.
My Sister Plays in Maine
Main, Subsidiary, Privileged, Incidental, Motions that bring a question again before the assembly
* What business can be conducted in the absence of a quorum.
FART (in rank order), or RAFT (to be less course)
Fix the time to which to adjourn; Adjourn; Recess; Take measures to obtain a quorum.