Meeting Chat Room

NOTE: This page's information has been superseded with the Introduction to our Meeting Chat Room page.  Please use those instructions instead.
-- Paul McClintock, 2009-04-30

The Electronic Unit of NAP (eNAP) normally meets on the IRC channel #eaip.  There are various ways to connect to the chat room.  One way, needing only an internet browser, is:
1. Go to (wait for the "Connect" screen with the "Nick" box to appear)
2. Enter Nick: yourname (your name with no spaces, e.g., JohnDoe.  Guests: prefix name with g_ as in g_JohnDoe.  Officers prefix with p_, v_, s_ or t_.
3. Click the "Go" button (then wait for several seconds for the chat screen to appear)

(See screen shots to see what to expect at steps 1, 2, 3 above.)
That's it!  It gives you a simple web-based interface.  You type your messages in the one-line text box at the bottom of the window and press your Enter key, and then your text appears in the large chat box above, interlined with text from other participants.  The right-side panel will list everyone in the chat room.

Emergency Alternative Chat Rooms:

In the event that the network is down, the President will email all members of an alternative network and channel (chat room).  Most likely one of these:

Option 1:     (IRC Network: blitzed; Channel: #enap)

Option 2:     (IRC Network: efnet; Channel: #enap)

Option 1B: If is down, we will likely use the network.  Online go to and change the Nickname and Channel (#enap).

Option 2B: Online go to and change the Nickname; select Channel "Other"; enter Channel #enap; click Login.  Note: nicknames on this network are limited to 9 characters.


    MC = Mister / Madam Chairman (to obtain the floor)
    CR = Chair Recognizes
    PO = Point of Order
    MS = Moved and Seconded

IRC Commands:

    /nick NewName     (to change your nickname to NewName)
    /away for 3 minutes     (to indicate you are away from the chat room, e.g., to handle a phone call)
    /back     (or perhaps /away with nothing after it, to indicate you are back, no longer away)
    /quit     (to exit the chat room after the meeting is over, or when you have to leave early and don't expect to return)

Long motions or debate:

Others can't see what you type as you type.  They can only see what you type once you press your Enter (or Return) key (or perhaps click a Send button).  So if your message takes more than about 30 seconds to enter, it is best to type about 30 seconds' worth of it, add "..." to indicate more is to come, and press Enter.  That will give others part of your message to be reading while you continue to type the next part.  End each part with "..." until the last part, which you should end with "END" to yield the floor.

If you have a motion or debate speech already on the computer (e.g., in a document or email or web page), you can copy and paste it, even if it is more than one line long.  BUT you should not paste more than about 4 or 5 lines worth of text.

To paste text longer than 5 lines, use a feature like the PasteBin feature (click the PasteBin link beneath the text entry box if using  This could be used for minutes or long resolutions or bylaws.