Reports and Motions

Reports for the April 12, 2021 Meeting -- Check back for updates

Note:  Reports are posted as they become available by the respective officer or committee. Please check back if a report is missing. All reports should be available prior to the start of the meeting.

President's Report

Your President appointed Evan Lemoine, PRP; Don Freese, PRP-R; and Ceresh Perry, RP as site editors to assist in the transition of the eNAP web site by the deadline provided by Google Sites.

Your President has been filing appropriate paperwork with the IRS to ensure proper recording of our name change, and will be following up in the coming days to ensure that we are able to properly file our 990-N form. Your President will provide a status update at the next meeting of eNAP.

-- Thomas Holmes

Vice President's Report

-- Azella Collins, PRP

Secretary's Report

-- Richard Halverson

Executive Board Report

The Executive Board to which was referred the motion relating to recording of the business meeting submits its report. The motion is as follows: "to not record the business portion of the meeting."

The Executive Board recommends that the motion be substituted as follows:

That the following standing rule is adopted: Meetings and educational programs held outside of a chat room shall, unless otherwise ordered, be recorded and the original files retained by the Executive Board. Recordings shall be made available on the members only web site under policies adopted by the Executive Board. No member shall download or share a recording, without permission of the Unit or the Executive Board.";

Provided, That the Executive Board shall adopt initial policies and report such policies by the September meeting.

The Board further recommends that, as thus substituted, the motion be adopted.

-- Thomas Holmes

Membership Committee Report

-- Richard Halverson

Motions Expected to be Considered at this meeting:


-- Richard Halverson


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Thomas Holmes,
Dec 11, 2020, 8:18 PM