Special Rules of Order

Special Rules of Order

of eNAP

1. There shall be an educational program with each regular meeting, even if there is no quorum. 

(A) A part of each educational program shall be to allow members to ask opinions of other members on parliamentary questions that they have. 

(B) Maximum and/or minimum time limits may be established for each part of the education program and/or the entire program as the Unit may desire

(C) The educational program shall be conducted in recess, so that role-playing and adoption of motions during the recess are not official acts of the Unit.

[Note: Generally unit lessons are approved by NAP for 1.0 Continuing Education Unit credits; check the Meeting Materials tab, Educational Programs section, to see if a particular lesson is approved for CEUs.]

2. When nominations for an officer position are closed, each person nominated may address the unit for up to three minutes.

3. The chair may recognize members on the basis of recent requests for recognition, rather than strictly on the basis of those seeking recognition after each person yields the floor.

4. Speeches in debate shall be limited to three minutes each.

5. The unit’s order of business shall be as follows:

   1)  Welcome of Guests

   2)  Approval of Minutes

   3)  Consideration of Applicants for Provisional Membership

   4)  Special Orders

   5)  Recess for Educational Program

   6)  Reports of Officers, the Executive Board and Committees

   7)  Unfinished Business and General Orders

   8)  New Business

   9)  Announcements

6. Separate special rules of order that are venue specific shall be applicable only when a meeting is held in that venue, as follows:

    A) Zoom Rules

    B) Google Meet Rules

    C) Internet Relay Chat Rules

This list of venue specific rules and those rules, may be amended by a majority vote with notice, a two-thirds vote without notice, or a vote of the majority of the entire membership.

7. Except as otherwise provided, these special rules of order may be amended by a nine-tenths vote without notice, a two-thirds vote with notice, or a vote of the majority of the entire membership.

Revised 12-14-2020.