Google Meet Rules

Note: These are platform specific rules for meeting via Google Meet. See the eNAP Special Rules of Order for other platform specific rules.

    1. Members and guests will sign into the meeting using a name clearly identifying the person, if possible. If the person is unable to do so, they may be ordered to provide their name in the chat panel. Those failing to do so may be barred or ejected from the meeting.

    2. Members and guests may join the meeting on any computer or smart device with an internet connection. Members using desktop or laptop computers may use their computer microphones and speakers for audio connection, or may connect their audio through a smart device or telephone.

    3. Each member is responsible for his or her connection to the Internet and teleconference; no action will be invalidated on the grounds that the loss of, or poor quality of, a member’s individual connection prevented him or her from participating in the meeting, provided that at least a quorum of members was connected and adequately able to participate.

    4. Microphones.

    5. All participants, except the chair, will remain muted during the meeting unless recognized, or making a point of order under rule 5B.

    6. The chair may cause or direct the temporary disconnection or muting of a member’s connection if it is causing undue interference with the electronic meeting. The chair’s decision to do so, which is subject to an undebatable appeal that can be made by any member, will be announced during the meeting and be recorded in the minutes.

    7. Chat panel.

      1. The use of the chat panel will be restricted during the meeting to purposes authorized by these rules, the chair, or the assembly.

      2. All requests for recognition will be made in the chat panel, and the chair may recognize members on the basis of recent requests for recognition, rather than strictly on the basis of those seeking recognition after each person yields the floor. A member who made a request for recognition in the chat panel which was not properly entertained may make the chair aware of it again via the chat panel, and if the chair shall fail again to entertain it, the member may unmute and make a point of order verbally as to that fact.

      3. A member intending to make a main motion, amendment, offer a nomination, or any other motion as directed by the chair, will, before or after being recognized, post such motion or nomination in writing to the chat panel.

      4. Seconds to motions will be made via the chat panel.

    8. Voting.

    9. Unless otherwise ordered by the assembly, votes not requiring a ballot vote will be conducted via the chat panel.

    10. A ballot vote will be taken as directed by the presiding officer.

Adopted 12-14-2020.