Educational Lessons History

CEUs are available for NAP-pre-approved lessons for retention of RP and PRP credentials.

CEU - Continuing Education Unit
NAP - National Association of Parliamentarians
RP - Registered Parliamentarian
PRP - Professional Registered Parliamentarian

0.5 CEUs for 30-49 minutes
1.0 CEUs for 50-74 minutes
1.5 CEUs for 75-89 minutes
2.0 CEUs for 90-120 minutes

For eNAP to report CEUs to NAP for a member, the member: 

It is not necessary to attend the subsequent eNAP educational session part B (additional Q&A from members on any parliamentary subject); that part B time does not count for the CEU credit.  

To find your Member ID #, go to NAP's Portal's Profile (login if asked). Then click on Membership; then National Association of Parliamentarians. This should show your Member ID # and your credential (RP or PRP).  The "expiration date" on this screen is when your dues are paid through; to see when your credential expires (assuming you renew dues each year), click on Certifications; then View My Certification.

For more information on renewing your NAP RP or PRP credential under the new (2023-09-01) CEU system, see:

Here is a history of eNAP unit lessons relating to CEUs:

eNAP CEU Lessons