eNAP Meeting October 9, 2023

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The Zoom meeting link is not posted on our publicly viewable web site.  This measure reduces the risk of Zoom bombing. 

The link has been emailed to all members and vetted guests. If you are a guest and would like to attend, or if you need it sent again, please email contact@enapunit.org.

Members may also find it in the eNAP members-only web site at:



     Agenda for the October 9, 2023 Meeting of eNAP

0. Verify Quorum of 7 (lesser of 7 and 20%)

1. Welcome of Guests

2. Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

3. Consideration of Applicants for Provisional Membership

4. Special Orders

5. Recess for Educational Program

6. Reports of Officers, Boards, and Committees

7. Unfinished Business and General Orders.

8. New Business - see previous notices for any motions in the meeting notice

9. Announcements

Note: The agenda is set by special rule of order 13.

Draft Minutes to Approve


Draft Minutes

2023-07-10 Regular Meeting

The 2023-07-10 Regular Meeting of the eNAP Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians (eNAP) was held online via Zoom and called to order at 8:00 PM CT (U.S. Central Time) by President Mary Grant, with Secretary Roberta Berry present. A quorum was present.


Those attending were: Adam Hathaway, Atul Kapur, Ann Rempel, Christopher Wren, Crystal Thomas, Daniel Ross, Delores Schoen, D’Lisa Patterson, Don Freese, Erika Correa, Gloria de Meireles, Kama Elle “KE” Walcott, Jacquita Wright Henderson, Jeanna Kindle, Jenny Liu, Mamphahlele Moruthane, Mary Q. Grant, Paul McClintock, Richard Brown, Roberta Berry, Sharon Williams Jackson, Thomas Holmes, Tom Havelka, Vanessa M Black, Vivian Tansil. Guest: Holly Brown


The July 10, 2023, meeting agenda was approved. 


The June 12, 2023, regular meeting minutes were approved and posted at https://enapunit.org/agenda.


President’s Report 

President Grant reported that she facilitated an RP Parliamentary Procedures workshop. She attended District Three and EAP Wednesday’s Leadership Monthly Parliamentary Procedures Workshop Sessions. She reminded the members to register for the 2023 NAP Virtual Leadership Conference, Aug 25-26; the Registration Fee is $50.

She also notified the membership that as of July 3, 2023, only 282 members have registered to attend the 44th NAP Biennial Convention. She notified the NAP Headquarters that member Richard Halverson recommended that the new NAP website be more diverse. 


Vice President did not have a report. 


Secretary Berry welcome the new guest, Holly Brown to the meeting. 


The unit recessed for the education program at 8:13 PM CT. Thomas Holmes, RP, presented the RP-PE 5.6 - 5.12 lesson, "Reconsider". The presentation was followed by a question-answer period.  


The meeting resumed at 9:20 PM CT.


Vice President McClintock lead the discussion and review of the proposed amendments and standing rules to the NAP Bylaws.


Don Freese requested the number of virtual registers vs in-person registers as part of the discussion regarding the bigger convention. 


President Grant moved that eNAP Unit endorse Adam Hathaway, Candidate for NAP Vice President; adopted with unanimous consent.


President Grant moved that Adam Hathaway endorse Mary Grant, Candidate for NAP Director at Large; adopted with unanimous consent.




EAP will host the Leadership Series on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, at 7:00 PM CT. 


District Four Virtual Conference meets July 28-29, 2023.


The American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP) will host the 2023 Hybrid Annual Session, August 10-12, 2023. eNAP Unit members are encouraged to attend a meeting, or educational session and consider joining AIP. Please visit the website at https://aipparl.org/ for more information about AIP. 


The National Association of Parliamentarians will host the 44th NAP Biennial Convention, from September 

6-10, 2023. 


The next meeting will be held on Monday, August 14, 2023, at 8:00 PM CT.


The meeting adjourned at 10:10 PM CT.


Roberta Berry, Secretary










Reports and Motions

Reports for the October 9, 2023 Regular Meeting -- Check back for updates

Note:  Reports are posted as they become available by the respective officer or committee. Please check back if a report is missing. All reports should be available prior to the start of the meeting.

President's Report

-- Mary Q. Grant, EdD, PRP

Vice President's Report

-- Paul McClintock, PRP

Secretary's Report

-- Roberta Berry, RP

Executive Board Report

-- Mary Q. Grant, EdD, PRP

Education Committee Report

-- Paul McClintock, PRP

Membership Committee Report

-- Roberta Berry, RP

Nominating Committee Report

The 2023 Nominating Committee will be elected at the October meeting: 

Motions Expected to be Considered at this meeting:


Archived reports for previous meetings are filed at the members-only site at:


Educational Program

eNAP Educational Program for 2023-10-09

Part 1 -- Education Committee members will present a program on the topics as shown below, based primarily on the Registered Parliamentarian Performance Expectations  (RP-PE) as indicated below.  See these on pp 7-28 in NAP's Criteria For Credentialing:

> https://www.parliamentarians.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/2023-Criteria-for-Credentialing_Final.pdf

The references in the RP-PE are to required resources:

> RONR: Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (12th edition)

> RONRIB: Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief, (3rd edition) 

> PPPP: Professional Practices in Parliamentary Procedure (NAP)

> Playbook: Pathways to Proficiency - Script Writing (NAP)

For October 9, 2023, Paul McClintock will present the lesson on RP-PE 6.4 - 6.9, "Standard Order of Business", 6.10, "Orders of the Day" and 6.11, "Agenda"


Performance Expectations: Standard Order of Business

Performance Expectations: Orders of the Day

Performance Expectations: Agenda

The 2023 education plan will continue programs based on the RP-PE (see above).  The RP-PE is essential for those preparing for the RP exam, and it is solid parliamentary education for all levels of membership.

Thus, the tentative 2023 educational program schedule and presenters:

Be aware that this plan may be adjusted or replaced in full by the education committee at any time; the enapunit.org website (Meeting Materials > Educational Program) should have any updates to the plan as they occur.

Part 2 -- eNAP Special Rule of Order 1(A) says: "A part of each educational program shall be to allow members to ask opinions of other members on parliamentary questions that they have."

If possible, please submit Part-2 questions ahead of time to vice-president@enapunit.org.

The 2023 eNAP Education Committee consists of 

RP Credential retention rules relating to teaching or attending unit educational programs:

NAP Operational Policies & Procedures Manual (Nov. 2021) says:

5.5 Continuing Education Units for Retaining Registered Membership

    5.5.01 Registered members shall be required during each six-year certification period to successfully complete 20 continuing education units (CEUs) to retain registered membership.

    5.5.02 A registered member shall document fulfillment of the CEU requirement on a CEU completion form.

The RP CEU rules (2019) say:

Participate in parliamentary educational workshops at NAP Unit, Association, and District levels, NAP Training Conferences and Biennial Conventions, Leadership Conferences, and NAP Webinars. Electronic units are treated the same as unit workshops for CEU credits. 

Participants will earn one CEU for each hour, calculated on quarterly time intervals. (Example: 1 hour 15-minute lesson will earn 1.25 CEUs). At a minimum, the workshop should last for fifty (50) minutes for a one-hour CEU credit. Participants must be present for the entire session time to receive credit.

Documentation of educational workshops for CEUs:

CATEGORY VI – Parliamentary Educational Workshops at the NAP Unit Level (Electronic or In-person)

Date/Length of time, Session Title, Presenter

PRP Credential retention rules relating to teaching or attending unit educational programs:

NAP Operational Policies & Procedures Manual (Nov. 2021) says:

    5.4.01 The professional development point system for professional registered members shall be prepared by the professional development committee, approved by the board of directors, and administered under the direction of the professional development committee.

    5.4.02 To retain professional registered membership, professional registered members must during each six-year certification period successfully complete the professional renewal certification and submit to NAP Headquarters the required form documenting 150 points in professional activities.


CATEGORY II – Teaching Parliamentary Procedure
(2b) Teaching workshops at NAPTC, Biennial Convention, Leadership Conference, District Conference, Association, or Unit meeting (3 pts. for each hour taught)

CATEGORY III – Parliamentary Continuing Education
(3b) Attending NAP District, Association, or Unit workshop (1 pt. for each hour attended)

Meeting Notice

[Note: this meeting notice may be further edited, up till the time it is emailed about a week before the meeting.]

eNAP meets Monday, August 14,  2023 at 8pm CT via Zoom

Dear eNAP Unit Member, 

Join us for a regular meeting of the eNAP Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians, The meeting will be Monday, August 14, 2023, via Zoom, at 8:00 PM Central Time. Please note that the meeting will be recorded.

Join Zoom Meeting on a PC:


Please note that if you are using a telephone for audio only, you can join on your computer first and click join with telephone. Otherwise, click join with computer audio.

The meeting room will open ten minutes prior to the meeting. If you are having issues joining the meeting, please email us at contact@enapunit.org.

Attendees should use screen names consisting of their real first and last names, and are encouraged to add a suffix to indicate their state, province, or country (example: Katherine Johnson WV). If you are NOT a current member, please preface your name with the prefix of g (example: g Katherine Johnson). Officers should also use the appropriate prefixes designated for them.

The meeting begins at 8:00 PM Central Time or see the time in your local time zone.


The draft agenda and minutes, reports, and educational program are posted at enapunit.org under "Meeting Materials" as they become available by the respective officer or committee. Please check back if a report is missing or if it is a prior meeting report. All reports should be available prior to the meeting call to order. 

Educational Program

For August 14, Weldon Merritt will present the lesson on RP-PE 6.1 - 6.3, "Quorum". Part II of the program is always a question-and-answer period. Questions can be on any parliamentary topic. Guests may ask questions.


If you have never attended an eNAP meeting, please plan to arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to the call to ensure you understand how the meeting will be conducted and to converse with other attendees. It is strongly recommended you review our introduction page to familiarize yourself with the eNAP chat room and terminology.

If you are not yet an eNAP member and would like to join, you may complete and submit the application form. Applications by NAP members are approved automatically upon verification of their NAP membership. Application by those who are not NAP members may be approved after they have attended at least one unit meeting.


If you are an eNAP member, or expect to be voted in as a member at this meeting, please verify or request access to our members-only Google Groups page. Voting could be held via this section at any time, which is akin to a ballot vote. Should you have difficulty logging in or requesting membership, please contact me. To ensure sufficient time, please do this 2 or more days prior to the meeting if possible.

As always, we welcome you to invite guests to our meeting to observe and/or join our electronic unit. I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming e-meeting, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Roberta Berry 

eNAP Secretary



(202) 744-1540