Standing Rules

Standing Rules

of eNAP

1. The web site shall be maintained by site editors, including all officers.  The Unit, the Executive Board, and the President may each designate additional site editors.

2. The web site may technically consist of multiple web sites, such as a google site and a yahoo site and a site specializing in online voting, but collectively they shall be called the Unit's web site.  The home page for the Unit's web site shall have links to all other parts, each of which may consist of multiple pages.

3. The home page web address shall be:

4. The Unit's bylaws and rules shall be posted on the web site in a public place.

5. The Unit's minutes shall be posted on the web site in a members-only section, and meeting transcripts may be posted in such a section.

6. Members shall provide the Unit a valid email address for use for Unit communications including meeting notices, and for use with exposed and secret voting sites.

7. Free web sites shall be used wherever possible.

8. Upon the request of any member, the votes in a meeting transcript posted to our members-only web site shall be edited to replace how individuals voted with [Note: Votes removed from transcript per standing rule.]

9. Members may add the state, province, or country initials or other abbreviation after their names when entering the chat room.  If the software truncates a nickname to something unsuitable, a shorter, suitable one shall be used.

10. The secretary shall notify the NAP office of eNAP meetings and request that they be listed on the NAP calendar.

11. Regular meetings of eNAP shall be held at 8:00 PM U.S. Central Time unless otherwise ordered by the Unit or Executive Board.

12. Meetings and educational programs held outside of the chat room shall, unless otherwise ordered, be recorded and the original files retained by the Executive Board. Recordings shall be made available on the members only web site under policies adopted by the Executive Board. No member shall download or share a copy of the recording, without permission of the Unit or the Executive Board.

Adopted 5-18-2009

Amended 8-8-2011

Amended 12-12-2011 [References to "Society" changed to "Unit"]

Amended 08-12-2013, adding rule 9 for state-etc suffixes to login name.

Amended 10-14-2013, adding the rule for socials at NAP conventions.

Amended 08-10-2015, adding rule 10 for putting our meetings on the NAP calendar.

Amended 04-11-2016, adding rule 11 for designating time for regular meetings.

Amended 06-13-2016, adding the "unless" clause to rule 11.

Amended 09-10-2018, rescinding the rule providing for a social event which took effect when EAP adopted a similar standing rule.

Amended 12-09-2019, changing rule 1 to have all officers be site editors.

Amended 01-13-2020, changing rule 1 to allow as many editors as appointers desire.

Amended 04-12-2021, adding rule 12.