Officers and Committees

Officers & Executive Board

    Term starting 01-08-2024:

    President* - Richard Halverson

    Vice-President* - Paul McClintock, PRP

    Secretary - Roberta Berry, RP

    * Dr. Mary Q. Grant, PRP, was re-elected president in January 2024, but passed away March 21, 2024.
      Richard Halverson, VP, became president to fill the vacancy.
      The April 8, 2024 meeting elected Paul McClintock, PRP, to fill the vacancy for vice-president.


Education Committee

    Paul McClintock, PRP - Chairman, ex officio

    Don Freese, PRP-R

    Thomas Holmes, RP

    Diana Bacon, PRP

    Richard Halverson, ex officio

Membership Committee (map)

    Roberta Berry, RP - Chairman, ex officio

    Sharon Williams Jackson, RP

    Sean Schilke

    Gloria de Meireles

    Crystal Thomas, RP

    Richard Halverson, ex officio

Nominating Committee - elect committee Oct. 2023, report Dec. 2023, elect unit officers Jan. 2024

    Susan Lee

    Bernadine Callender-James, PRP

    Paul McClintock, PRP

Bylaws Special Committee - created 04-08-2024, to report 06-10-2024

    Bernie Callender James, PRP - Chair

    Paul McClintock, PRP

    Roberta Berry, RP

    Susan Lee

    Crystal Thomas, RP

    Jocelyn Williams

    Richard Halverson, ex officio

Site Editors

    Ex officio editors:

        Richard Halverson

        Paul McClintock, PRP

        Roberta Berry, RP

    President appointed editors:

        Thomas Holmes, PRP