Renewing Credentials

To obtain NAP credentials for RP or PRP, visit the NAP website.

Also see NAP rules for renewing your credentials.

In brief, RP and PRP credentials are for 6-year periods, and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) must be earned to renew the credential for another 6 years.

The eNAP Unit applies to NAP for pre-approval for CEU credit for our educational programs.  Then the unit reports RP and PRP attendance to NAP, including the NAP membership number for each such attendee.  Such attendees should email their name and NAP membership number to to ensure we have the needed information for reporting.

Your Zoom name should match your name on your NAP membership card.

Starting Jan. 1, 2024, the CEU proposal agreement for virtual meetings includes: "All participants in a virtual/hybrid activity must have their cameras on for the duration of the event.  No camera = No CEU’s."  The general CEU policy states: "For virtual programs (i.e., webcasts, webinars, video conferences, recorded programs), providers must have an acceptable method for verifying attendance. A parliamentarian’s personal attestation that the course was completed is not considered sufficient."

To find your NAP membership ID #:

To check on your CEU status and history:

[Oct. 2023]  NAP's "legacy" credential renewing system is shown below and is being phased out.  The proviso for the 9/2023 new system says:

The current renewal process, the Professional Renewal Certification, will remain an option to renew for current Professional Registered Parliamentarians until December 31, 2025.

The CEU renewal process takes effect on January 1, 2024. However, any educational content presented after September 1, 2023, may be submitted for CEUs.

Here are the "old" rules:

RP Credential retention rules relating to teaching or attending unit educational programs:

NAP Operational Policies & Procedures Manual (Nov. 2021) says:

5.5 Continuing Education Units for Retaining Registered Membership

    5.5.01 Registered members shall be required during each six-year certification period to successfully complete 20 continuing education units (CEUs) to retain registered membership.

    5.5.02 A registered member shall document fulfillment of the CEU requirement on a CEU completion form.

The RP CEU rules (2019) say:

Participate in parliamentary educational workshops at NAP Unit, Association, and District levels, NAP Training Conferences and Biennial Conventions, Leadership Conferences, and NAP Webinars. Electronic units are treated the same as unit workshops for CEU credits. 

Participants will earn one CEU for each hour, calculated on quarterly time intervals. (Example: 1 hour 15-minute lesson will earn 1.25 CEUs). At a minimum, the workshop should last for fifty (50) minutes for a one-hour CEU credit. Participants must be present for the entire session time to receive credit.

Documentation of educational workshops for CEUs:

CATEGORY VI – Parliamentary Educational Workshops at the NAP Unit Level (Electronic or In-person)

Date/Length of time, Session Title, Presenter

PRP Credential retention rules relating to teaching or attending unit educational programs:

NAP Operational Policies & Procedures Manual (Nov. 2021) says:

    5.4.01 The professional development point system for professional registered members shall be prepared by the professional development committee, approved by the board of directors, and administered under the direction of the professional development committee.

    5.4.02 To retain professional registered membership, professional registered members must during each six-year certification period successfully complete the professional renewal certification and submit to NAP Headquarters the required form documenting 150 points in professional activities.


CATEGORY II – Teaching Parliamentary Procedure
(2b) Teaching workshops at NAPTC, Biennial Convention, Leadership Conference, District Conference, Association, or Unit meeting (3 pts. for each hour taught)

CATEGORY III – Parliamentary Continuing Education
(3b) Attending NAP District, Association, or Unit workshop (1 pt. for each hour attended)