Internet Relay Chat Rules

Note: These are platform specific rules for meeting via Internet Relay Chat. See the eNAP Special Rules of Order for other platform specific rules.

    1. Meetings shall be held in an internet relay chat room which displays the nickname (Nick) of each attendee next to each message posted by the attendee.

    2. Members shall log in using a Nick that readily identifies the member such as JohnDoe, an upon the request of the Chair, any Nick shall be changed to a more suitable name.

    3. Prefixes for Nicks shall be used as follow: p_ for President, v_ for Vice-President, s_ for Secretary, c_ for Chairman-Pro-Tem, and g_ for guest.

    4. Abbreviations shall be allowed and encouraged for the following: MP = Mister/Madam President MC = Mister/Madam Chairman CR = The Chair Recognizes MS = (It is) moved and seconded PO = Point of Order Other abbreviations shall be allowed if understood by attendees and there is no objection.

    5. The chat room facility used shall have the ability to display the Nicks of all attendees. This list shall be used to determine the presence of a quorum. Attendees who are temporarily absent shall indicate their departure and return in some suitable and clear fashion, such as the /away and the /back commands.

    6. The chair may generally take the vote in the chat room with a single call such as: All in favor type Yes; all opposed type No; all abstaining type Abstain. Responses in such a case may intermix Yes and No votes and notices of Abstentions in the chat room. The chair may announce the result of the vote after sufficient responses have been received such that any additional could not change the result.

    7. If further responses could change the result, after a lag of 5 seconds with no new entries, the chair may type "If there are no further votes..." [enter], 3 [enter], 2 [enter], 1 [enter] (at one second intervals), "The polls are closed." [enter] and then announce the result of the vote, but the poll closing sequence stops if there are any votes cast during the sequence.

    8. The chair may use a separate polling site for an exposed or a secret vote, as the chair decides or the Unit orders. The polls shall be opened and closed at such a site in any reasonable, clear and fair manner.

    9. When a member has the floor, the member shall have no more than 60 seconds before submitting a complete or partial posting. A partial posting shall be ended with "..." to indicate that the member is typing another part of the post. Multipart postings shall be ended with "END" to yield the floor.

    10. IRC software for PasteBin or UploadFile or some other suitable means shall be used for posting text longer than about 5 lines.

Adopted 12-14-2020.