IRC Resources

Introduction to internet relay chat (IRC):

Some Web-based IRC options: (IRC: SlashNet; Nick: JohnDoe; Channel: #enap) (uses the network instead of

Some Client-based IRC options:

Common IRC commands:

/nick NewNickname


/away for 3 minutes



eNAP Chatroom Options:

Mibbit with various settings for eNAP:



Other e-meeting and in-person tech resources: (NAP’s online meeting provider – subscription) (free online meetings – for meetings of up to 100 people, 40 minutes at a time) (NAP’s keypads - requires license agreement for use) (rents Turning Technologies keypads for events) (free countdown timer) (free teleprompter software) (another popular online meeting provider – subscription) (conference calls, control panel, online meetings) (anonymous online voting)