Join NAP, EAP and eNAP

Bylaw on Obtaining eNAP Membership: "ARTICLE III - Members. Section 1. Obtaining Membership. Any member of NAP may request membership by submitting an application to the membership committee, which shall verify the applicant's NAP membership status. Regular membership (primary or affiliate as defined by NAP) shall be granted automatically upon verification of NAP membership. Provisional membership shall be granted by majority vote at any meeting to any person preparing for NAP membership, provided that he or she previously attended a meeting of this unit within the past year."

NAP members seeking eNAP membership can simply apply online.  Non-members of NAP may apply to be provisional members of the eNAP Unit, attend two meetings (the first as a guest), and ask at the second meeting to become provisional members, which is accomplished by a majority vote. You can complete our application for membership online.

In the Zoom meeting for our monthly unit meeting, "rename" (change) your Zoom name if necessary to show your full name.  Guests are encouraged to prefix their Zoom name with a "G-". All are encouraged to add a state or non-USA country suffix.  RP and PRP credential suffixes are also encouraged.  To rename your Zoom name, in on a PC, right click your tile / photo and click Rename, or move mouse pointer to the bottom of your Zoom window, click Participants, move mouse over your name, click the "..." button, and click "Rename". On other devices, tap Participants, your name, Rename.

RP and PRP members and guests seeking CEUs for credential renewal must have a Zoom name (closely) matching their name on file with NAP,  so we can match the Zoom name to the NAP membership list for our CEU attendance report.

Members may also want to join the Google Group, by clicking here and signing in with a Google Account, and then clicking the "Apply for Membership" link. This members-only site has archives, recordings, etc.

To join NAP you will have to pay membership prorated fees for NAP and EAP with your online application, and an ExamSoft $30 download fee to take the exam.  Upon passing with 80% or more, you become a member.

See the NAP website for an application and fee chart, and a study guide for the 40-question RONR-IB exam.  There is also a distance-learning course leading to NAP membership.

The eNAP Unit is affiliated with the Electronic Association of Parliamentarians (EAP) and eNAP members may or must be paying members of EAP, per EAP bylaw III.2.1.

To become a Registered Parliamentarian (RP) with NAP, see the NAP website for RPs.

To become a Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP) with NAP, see the NAP website for PRPs.

Also see our Renewing RP and PRP Credentials page.