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Help recruit and retain NAP members

posted Dec 20, 2013, 5:10 PM by Paul McClintock
From the NAP Membership Extension and Retention Committee (MERC) Newsletter, vol.1, no.1

1. Bring in ("sponsor") two new NAP members.
2. Convince ("sponsor") two former members to rejoin NAP.
3. Be a member of a unit that maintains its 9/10/13 membership level through July 1, 2014.
4. Present a program as part of a new workshop to gain new members.
5. Present a parliamentary program at a civic, fraternal, or church event.
6. Serve as judge or instructor for a youth or youth partnership organization.
7. Write an article for an association or district newsletter or for the National Parliamentarian.
8. Present a program at an association, district or national meeting.
9. Serve as an officer in a unit or association/province.
10. Attend at least 50 percent of the association/province meetings.
11. Work with a unit or combination of members at large to host a public workshop (either electronically or in person).