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Report on April 27 eNAP meeting and call to May 18 meeting

posted Apr 30, 2009, 2:26 PM by Paul McClintock   [ updated Aug 10, 2009, 10:49 AM ]

From: Paul McClintock
Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2009 2:25 PM
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Subject: Report on April 27 eNAP meeting and call to May 18 meeting

Dear Members and Friends of eNAP:

We held our first organizational meeting of eNAP on Monday, April 27, 2009 online in an internet relay chatroom (IRC).  Seven NAP members participated: Ann Guiberson (FL), Anne Jollimore (NH), Donna Williams (MS), Heather MacKenzie (MB, Canada), Lionel Guerard (MB), Paul Lamb (AZ), and Paul McClintock (WA).  We spanned 4 time zones.

Others who have expressed an interest in eNAP thus far are:  Ann Rempel (KS), Bob Stephens (WA), Karen King (WA), Mark Donald (MS), Peggy Long (OR), Ron Legere (NV), Ruth Bennett (WA) and Weldon Merritt (WA).  (Note: Any NAP member may join, and any NAP-nonmember who is preparing for NAP membership. Feel free to invite any such others to visit our web site and attend a meeting as a guest before deciding if they would like to join.)

At the April 27 meeting, we postponed adoption of bylaws, special rules of order and standing rules to the next meeting.  Elections come after adoption of bylaws, so expect elections at the next meeting also.  And we set the time of our next meeting to be Monday, May 18, at 6pm PDT at the same chat room ( #enap).  Please consider this email to be the notice of the May 18 meeting.

Several members had difficulty with various aspects of connecting to the chat room, and at least one was affected by the multi-timezone problem.  Note that Seattle WA is in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), so an easy was to see the current time in Seattle is to go to

After processing various elections (pro tem) and motions, we practiced using the Yahoo Groups polling feature for secret and exposed voting.  This site is restricted to those invited or approved, and there is a registration process involved.  So not all participants were able to log in to the site.  But of those who did, it seemed to work well.

I have posted the transcript of the meeting online in a members-only section of our website.

I have made several changes to the full eNAP website.  The full website consists of:

1. The public homesite at   A shortcut to this is  This site has links to all the others.

2. The IRC chat room where we meet (network:; channel: #enap).

3. The members-only site where we vote, keep our roster of members, our minutes, our transcripts and any thing else needing restricted access:

Originally I had intended for minutes and other members-only files to be kept at a second site (, but the Yahoo Group was needed for voting and can also store files like minutes, so to simplifiy, we only have one members-only site now, the Yahoo Group.  The Yahoo Group also facilitates email discussions and sending notices for meetings and motions.

Another change I made to the website was to create a customized version of the access to our chat room.  The web address for the custom version simplifies connecting, and modifies the chat room screen in minor ways (expanded timestamp, added Send button, increased log size).  See the links from the home page.

I also changed the introduction to our meeting chat room.  See the link from the home page.  Or use this shortcut:


One of the reasons the consideration of bylaws was postponed was that some concerns were raised over parts of the draft, and some members wanted time to consider them, and to give the NAP bylaws committee time to provide some feedback. 

See the original concerns raised and my initial response at:

See NAP bylaws committee comments so far at:

If anyone wishes to try out the chat room with me assisting, email me a time or two that would be good for you to try it out, and a phone number or two where I can reach you. 

If you want to sign up for the members' only site and need my assistance, let me know.

And let me know of any other concerns or interests you have.


Paul McClintock