Draft Minutes

2022-02-14 Regular Meeting

The 2022-02-14 Regular Meeting of the eNAP Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians (eNAP) was held online via Zoom and called to order at 8:00 PM CT (U.S. Central Time) by President Weldon Merritt, with Secretary Richard Halverson present. A quorum was present.


Those attending were: Andrea Banks, Andria Daniels, Ann Rempel, Azella Collins, Benjamin Carroll, Crystal Thomas, Diana Bacon, Don Freese, Dr. Carl Nohr, Jacalyn Shelton Wallace, James Lohr, Jan Meyer, Jeanna Kindle, Jenny Liu, Kevin Connelly, Lorenzo Cuesta, Margaret-Ann F Howie, Mark Apodaca, Myra Celestin, Paul McClintock, Patricia Martin, Rhoneise Barnett-Smith, Richard Brown, Richard Halverson, Roberta Berry, Seitebatso Moruthane, Tami Dunning, Thomas F. Holmes, Vicki Walter, Weldon Merritt, Guests: Tami Dunning, NAP President Wanda Sims, PRP, Sheila Beverly-Skinner, Vanessa M Black, Brenda T Paradiso.


The minutes of the previous regular meeting were approved as posted at https://enapunit.org/agenda.


The unit recessed for the education program at 8:04 PM CT. Vice President Paul McClintock, PRP, presented “Fiduciary duties of a treasurer, board, and organization." The presentation was followed by a question and answer session.


The meeting resumed at 9:51 PM CT.


President Merritt reported he has appointed Azella Collins, PRP, Don Freese, PRP-R, and Thomas Holmes, RP, to the Education Committee, Rose Acerra and Susanna Rawlins to the Membership Committee.


The next meeting will be held on Monday March 14, 2022, at 8:00 pm CT.


With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:54 PM CT.


Richard Halverson, Secretary