Draft Minutes
2020-06-08 Regular Meeting

The 2020-06-08 Regular Meeting of the eNAP Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians (eNAP) was held online at Zoom.us, and called to order at 8 PM CT (U.S. Central Time) by President Thomas Holmes, with Secretary Richard Halverson present. A quorum was present.


Those attending were: Adam Hathaway, Andria Daniels, Ann Rempel, Atul Kapur, Benjamin Carroll, Beverly Przybylski, Crystal Thomas, Don Freese, Edmund Carley, James Lohr, Jan Meyer, Margaret-Ann F Howie, Mary Q. Grant, Molulela Monyake, Paul McClintock, Richard Brown, Richard Halverson, Robert Daniels, Jr., Sally F. LaMacchia, Seitebatso Moruthane, Teresa Dean, Thomas F. Holmes, Twylah L Jenkins, Vicki Walter, Weldon Merritt. Guests Edmund Carley and Ben Carroll were also in attendance.


President Holmes noted two minor clarifications to Section 7 of the special rules for Zoom meetings posted at https://www.enapunit.org/zoom-rules. In 7A, “counted vote” replaces “division” and in 7B, “presiding officer” replaces “president.” The motion to suspend the rules and to follow the rules for Zoom meetings as posted was adopted without objection.


The minutes of the 2020-05-11 regular meeting were approved as posted on the https://enapunit.org/minutes website.


Chair recognized guests Edmund Carley and Ben Carroll qualify for provisional membership and asked if they wished to become provisional members. Edmund Carley responded affirmatively and was accepted as a provisional member by unanimous consent.


The unit recessed for the education program at 8:04 PM CT. President Thomas Holmes and Vice-President Crystal Thomas, RP held a question and answer period, followed by a workshop by Paul McClintock, PRP on how to conduct a meeting.


The meeting resumed at 9:45 PM CT.


The reports were posted at https://www.enapunit.org/reports.


Chair recognized guest Ben Carroll also wished to apply for provisional membership. Ben Carroll was accepted as a provisional member by unanimous consent.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:51 PM CT.


Richard Halverson, Secretary